MUKAMAS 2022 festival programme has a rich and impressive range of performances for adults. The shows vividly discuss serious topics, such as femininity in this time, corporeality, identity, relationship, intergenerationalism and memories.

International programme includes two amazing shows from polish Natalia Sakowicz. With her show Wake up the extremely talented actress-dancer shakes up the traditional female myth. There is going to be spectacular puppetry magic when Sakowicz brings familiar characters from Grimm’s fairy tales to the Hällä stage. The performance delves into the world of the modern girl through well-known fairy tale princesses.

Sakowicz’s second performance Romance powerfully describes a love relationship. This solo performance almost feels like a duo performance. So passionately, brutally and intensely, the main character lives a romance with a self-sized doll. This is a must-see!

In Teatteri Delfiini’s speechless show Elo ihmisen… (Transl. Human Life) evergreen songs make Grandma reminisce about her life from childhood to this moment. Memories pass through the heart as shadow images, winged by music. Anna-Liisa Tarvainen, who created the performance, has worked for years as an art therapist and puppeteer.

A long-time theatre maker, cultural journalist, and critic Anne Välinoro has created her show Kasvokkain (Face to face) to bring joy especially for the elderly. This object theatre monologue combines puppet theatre and the world of objects, film and art characters and faces. The story includes characters like Stalin and Greta Garbo!

The music theatre ensemble Tytäryhtiö presents a lightly serious cabaret called Minun ääreni (My Outlines). The show explores the layers, growth, and self-knowledge of identity. The performance is above all a hymn to humanity, incompleteness, and mercy.

In Haihara Puppet Theatre’s performance Mitä muistan, mitä unohdin (What I remember, What I forgot) puppets, shadows, masks and acoustic live music take us on journey to the past. This story is about dreams, love, and the meaning of choices, based on letters, photographs and memories.




MUKAMAS 2022 – International Puppet Theatre Festival on 14–18 September