“I am the promise of adventure, an exciting journey into the unknown. You don’t know what awaits you. Get away from your mundane life and sail with me to a better place, where you can do more. Relax. Don’t worry about anything. I will make your innermost dreams come true. What do you long for? Relief, freedom, strength? I’ll give it all to you, just grab me. Let’s get lost together. Cin cin! To love! To us!”

This solo performance almost feels like a duo performance. So passionately, brutally, and intensely the main character lives a romance with a self-sized doll. The strong soundscape and Natalia Sakowicz’s beautifully executed choreography convey the different levels of a relationship, which also involve the relationship with oneself. They say that loving is caring. Internationally awarded Romance points out that this is not quite that simple.

Actress Natalia Sakowicz tackles important topics in her performances Wake-up (2017), Farawayers (2020) and Romance (2021). Two of the performances will be seen in the MUKAMAS 2022 festival’s programme. Also a talented dancer, Natalia makes full use of her body in her puppet shows. In 2019, Wake up was awarded at the Puppet is a Human too – International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animation for Adults in Warsaw and at the International Festival of Puppet Theatres in Omsk. In 2022, Romance received the audience award at the XXX Klamra – Alternative Theatre Meetings in Torun and Kryształowa Pestka Award at the Pestka – International Festival of Avantgarde Theatres and Culture in Jelenia Gora.




Conception and performance

Natalia Sakowicz


Zuzanna Bojda


Olga Ryl-Krystianowska

Movement direction

Iza Szostak


Maciej Cempura


Maciej Iwańczyk


Bartek Warzecha