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Data protection description – Customer and stakeholder register

This is the data protection description of Teatteri Mukamaksen kannatusyhdistys ry as required by the Personal Data Act (10§ ja 24§) and GDPR. Published 24.5.2018.


1. Controller

Teatteri Mukamaksen kannatusyhdistys ry
Pispalan valtatie 30, 33250 Tampere
Business ID 0471638-0
info(a), puh. 050 4656 285


2. Contact persons

Katarina Stycz, info(a), puh. 050 4656 285
Veronica Stycz, veronica.stycz(a), puh. 050 5869 278


3. Name of register

Teatteri Mukamas customer and stakeholder register. Lippupiste Oy is responsible for the ticket sales customer register.


4. Purpose and legal basis for the processing of personal data

The legal basis for processing of personal data is the legimate interest of the controller (the customer relationship), the customer’s own consent and/or contract, in which the registered person takes part. The purpose of use of the data is to contact the customers and potential customers with news and service and marketing messages. The data is not used for automated decision-making or profiling.


5. The contents of the register

The data stored in the register includes: the name of the customer, the position/company, phone number and email address, address, website address, data on tour bookings, bought tickets and changes to tickets, billing information, and other data related to the customer relationship and acquired services. The storage period of data has not been specified.


6. Regular data sources

The data stored in the register is acquired from the internet and the customer through, for example, messages sent via online forms, email, phone, or social media, from contracts, customer meetings, or the customer register of our partner Lippupiste Oy (the customers of Teatteri Mukamas’ events) and through other situations where the customer gives out information.


7. Regular disclosure of data and transfer of data outside EU or the EEA countries

Data is not regularly disclosed to other parties. Data may be published if it has been agreed upon with the customer.


8. Principles of protection of the register

The register is handled diligently and the data processed in databases in appropriately protected. When the data is stored on internet servers, they are appropriately secured. Manual data is stored in a locked space. The controller makes sure that the data and access to the servers and other critical information is handled confidentially and only by those employees whose task it is to do so.


9. RIght to inspect data and demand to rectify data

Everyone in the register has the right to inspect their data and demand the rectification of any erroneous or incomplete data. If the customer wishes to inspect their data or demand rectificaiton, a written request must be sent to the controller at info(at) The controller will ask for proof of identity. The controller will reply to the customer in the time frame specified in GDPR.


10. Other rights

The person in the register has the right to ask for erasure of their data from the register. The person also has the other rights outlined in GDPR, such as limiting the processing of their data in certain situations. The written requests must be sent to the controller at info(a) The controller will ask for proof of identity. The controller will reply to the customer in the time frame specified in GDPR.