Elo ihmisen…

Evergreen songs make Grandma reminisce about her life from childhood to this moment. Memories pass through the heart as shadow images, winged by music. The show is speechless, but songs and music transport you to life’s important moments with the help of pictures.

It has been established that music and familiar songs can wake up even people with amnesia to the present moment and make them remember long-forgotten events and people. That’s why this show is especially suitable for the elderly, even though it’s aimed at the whole family. It gives the children and grandchildren a glimpse into the soul of the older generation and thus creates a bridge between different generations.

Teatteri Delfiini is a puppet theatre group from Tampere that produces, for example, shadow and table theatre performances which can be ordered for events. Anna-Liisa Tarvainen, who created the performance, works as an art therapist and puppeteer. She has made puppets for the children’s TV programme Pikku Kakkonen since 1987 and organizes puppet theatre courses.



Creator, Writer & Director

Anna-Liisa Tarvainen


Anna-Liisa Tarvainen, Kirsi Nurminen


Uulun Mehiläisstudio


Kari Lounela, Elina Niiranen, Pessi Jouste


Anna-Liisa Tarvainen, Anne Jokinen

Set construction

Heikki Tarvainen