Minun ääreni

“There was no talking in our family, just silence. Too long a silence. But if you decide to stay silent, you change. The silence changes faces and features. It shrinks one.”

Minun ääreni (My Outlines) is a lightly serious cabaret about identity. The music theatre ensemble Tytäryhtiö explores the layers, growth, and self-knowledge of identity. The performance is above all a hymn to humanity, incompleteness and mercy, both towards others and towards oneself. It invites us to laugh gently at ourselves and at the same time to understand each other more deeply.

Tytäryhtiö was founded in 2012 out of the need and desire to create a new musical theatre and contribute to enriching the Finnish theatre scene. The group’s idea is to diversify the concept of musical theatre in a way that is not dependent on familiar norms and traditional gender roles. In their works, the group combines elements of different performing arts and strives to bring something authentic and new to the stage. Above all, the Tytäryhtiö wants to create artistically high-level musical theater that deals with various social and psychological phenomena in its subjects.






Juulianna Mäkelä, Ella Jäppinen, Krista Vikman, Annukka Waara


Silja Kuoppala

Texts, choreography, adaptation of songs



Salla-Maria Orvasto

Dramaturgy inspired by

Vihainen nainen – hyvä paha aggressio (Terhi Ketola-Huttunen, Heli Pruuki, 2018)


Jiri Halttunen, Noora Näppilä