Timoteus-karhun keväinen seikkailu

Little bear Timoteus loves his home forest and especially the birds. One day Timoteus finds an abandoned blue egg and wants to take care of it. But can a bear hatch an egg? The forest dwellers disagree about that. In addition to everything, Mrs. Fox is also interested in the special blue egg, but not really in the hatching sense. What on earth will come out of it in the end?

The theme of the show is respecting the diversity of nature and the fact that sometimes it’s good to do things in a completely new way.

Table theatre puppets and shadow theatre are used in the show. Of course, the spring forest is also full of birdsong and music illustrating the beautiful performance.

Puppet Theatre Hupilainen was founded in 1984, in Kangasala. The Puppet Theatre has its own theatre building Parvula near the Kangasala centrum. The building itself is over 200 years old and is located near Vääksy Manor. Hupilainen creates performances mainly for children, but adults will also enjoy them. The Puppet Theatre also teaches puppetry, drama, and how to use drama in teaching, and tours in schools, kindergartens, libraries and parties.





Jan Wilkowski


Sinikka Meurman


Aneta Głuch-Klucznik

Set design & Puppets

Mateusz Mirowski


Kristiina Tanhua-Laiho


Niina Kettunen-Niemi, Pauliina Kirjanen, Sinikka Meurman, Tuula Torkkeli


Irmeli Lyytinen


Mateusz Mirowski