New Shoes

Internationally recognized Tian Gombau has the ability to create large experiences from very little. The award-winning show New Shoes is a charming example of this.

A child puts on a pair of new shoes and goes to the river for a snack. Along the way he discovers the world that surrounds him: streets, houses, landscapes, people, and animals. His shoes accumulate experiences as he grows, little by little. In this show, a local event at a Mediterranean town takes you on a universal journey. People of all ages can venture into the child’s world in the gentle flow of popular songs, nature, and the sands of time.

Tian Gombau has charmed audiences with his one-man shows on stages around the world. In 1992 he founded his own company Tian Gombau – Teatre de l’Home Dibuixat, which has produced and performed shows in more than 40 countries, in 10 different languages. The children’s performance Stone by Stone (2018) was seen at the Mukamas Festival in 2014. It received 13 awards from prestigious national and international festivals. In his shows, Tian Gombau creates a magical atmosphere that takes his audience to new imaginaries. His repertoire consists of visual and object theater, with poetic language that transmits emotions and messages of tolerance and humanity.





Jordi Palet & Tian Gombau

Author & director

Jordi Palet i Puig


Tian Gombau

Scenography and objects

Isa Soto


Òscar Roig

Light design

Xavi Prieto


Hernán Martínez


Àlvar Buch


Tian Gombau


“Bujaraloz by night” (Carles Santos)