Satuvarjon alla: Pikku-Siili

Under the protection of the fairytale umbrella, we get to watch Little Hedgehog’s day with the littlest ones of the family. How much joyous wonder can the day hold when Little Hedgehog peeks out of his nest. The gentle and warm performance is well suited for a first theatre experience. You can snuggle up under the umbrella and sometimes just curl up on the soft pillows.

The organiser of this festival, Teatteri Mukamas, is a professional puppet theatre from Tampere, founded in 1979. Their grand repertoire consists of plays for children and adults and they perform about 250 shows for a total amount of about 25 000 spectators a year. Teatteri Mukamas’ home stage is in the idyllic milieu of Pispala, but they also tour in day-care centres, schools, libraries, festivals and all kinds of events all over Finland. International artistic co-operation is also a vital part of the theatre’s activities. Over the years, they have had guest directors from the Czech Republic, Sweden, France, and Russia. Teatteri Mukamas has also performed by invitation at festivals in Europe and Asia. Teatteri Mukamas has organised the biannual MUKAMAS Festival since 1999.




Writer, director and visual designer

Katarina Stycz


Saima Lahtinen


Katarina Stycz

Nalle Puhin sadelaulu
composer Jubelsky Bruno, lyrics Erik Olsoni, Brita af Geijerstam, translation Reino Helismaa


Reija Tapaninen

Poster, brochure and photography

Patrick / Grass Business