Fly fly ladybug

A ladybug is searching for its place in the big wide world and wants to learn to fly, but it’s very difficult! This beautiful nonverbal adventure dives deep into the world of insects – with live music. Ideal as a first visit to the theatre.

Puppet Theater Sampo is a professional puppet theater founded in 1977, located in the center of Helsinki. Since its establishment, Puppet Theater Sampo’s performances have conveyed joy and wonderful experiences to viewers and listeners of all ages through songs, poems, stories, and musical puppet theater expression. Live music plays an essential part in Sampo’s performances. Since 2017, Sampo Puppet Theater has organized the annual SAMPO Puppet Theater Festival.





Writer and director

Iivo Barić


Sofia Airas & Satu Lankinen

Visual design

Matti Westerlund


Iivo Barić & Satu Lankinen

Dolls and Scenery

Tape & Emma Komulainen

Lighting design

Immanuel Pax


Kristiina Jokinen

Photos and video

Nikke Puskala