A Younger Brother Like No Other

Lili the Bunny is very worried about his little brother Doodoo. Even though he is growing up, he still resembles a little baby. Doodoo cannot speak, messes everything up, drools and sometimes even has a little accident on the rug. Often Lili finds herself telling him off, but when the other children call him “a fool who understands nothing”, she gets very, very angry. How can Lili help the cuddly and loving Doodoo, who seems to be growing up the wrong way?

The touching performance gently reminds us of the importance of being together and accepting differences.

XZART (founded in 2003) is a puppet theatre group performing for young people and families directed by Michel Rosenmann. XZART is based in Noisiel in East Paris and offers workshops and regular performances for spectators of all ages. The plays of XZART are often on tour in France or abroad. The play A Younger Brother Like No Other won the prize of the professional public in the festival of OMSK in 2011.



Based on a book by Marie Hélène Delval



Michel Rosenmann

Stage setting and Puppet Design

Alexandre Yétchéïn


Larissa Cholomova, Lena Gousseva


Dimitri Repnikov

Light Design

Veronique Hemberger